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Ok, so for those of you that don't know, my mom is an alcoholic, and like most alcoholics she wont admit it.  She been one since before I was born, I give her credit, she did stop drinking while she was pregnant, but started right back up once I was born.  So here's the problem that I need help with.  The rest of my family, mainly my grandma (because she lives with her) have finally realized how bad it is.  In talking to my grandma to see how the past weekend went, she had told my that she has finally had enough of my mom's drinking.  That she's ready to sale the house that they own together and get her own place.  After talking to her for a awhile about what happened I suggest that maybe we should have an intervention with her.  I actually didn't think that she would have taken my idea of it, because my grandma also drank a lot while I was leaving with them.  However, my grandma thought that it might be to that point with my mom.  She talked to my aunt about it and she agreed.  So we are planning on having an intervention with my mom.  My grandma is starting to get concerned about it, and I'm afraid that she is either going to back out of it or talk to my mom so much about trying to quite drinking before we have a chance to do the intervention that it may actually do more harm then good.  I know that non of my family have had to deal with an intervention before, and where trying to get info on it from place over in Spokane, but if anyone out there has any ideas for it I would really appreciate it. 
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Ok, so I have this old friend of mine from high school that I still try to keep in contact with.  We e-mail each other about once every 6 weeks.  Some times I start it and sometimes he starts it.  This last time he did, and I was thinking about going over to Spokane for my cousin's 3rd birthday.  So when I responded back to him I told him that I might be coming over.  He wrote me back to let him know and that he would try to make some time for me.  A few days later me and my boyfriend deiced that we would go over for it.  So I e-mailed my friend to let him know that WE were coming over.  It would be a very short trip (came over Tuesday night and left Wednesday night), but if he want to meet up to let me know.  I didn't get a e-mail back from him, so that Tuesday morning I e-mailed him again to see if he still wanted to meet.  I didn't get an e-mail back until Wednesday and the response said this: " well, I dont know you're boyfriend. I'm sure he's great, but I'd like it to be just me and you. I dont really like distractions when I'm with old friends that I haven't seen in a while. I hope you can understand that"  Now when I read this I read it as that he didn't want to meet up with me on this trip because I was with my boyfriend. I was a little mad that he didn't say anything about it before.  So instead to e-mailing him back while I was mad, I deiced to go to some other stuff that me and my boyfriend want to do while we were in town.  I figured that I would e-mail him back when we got home.  The next day latterly as I was starting to get on-line, my friend calls me up and starts yelling at me because I didn't e-mail him back.  Now I can understand him being pissed off that I didn't write back to him, and I can understand that he wanted to spend some time with just me.  However I think that he should have talked to me about it before we were already over there.  If I didn't e-mail him that Tuesday anyways, I wouldn't have even known that he was still interested at meeting up at all.  He also say a few other things to me that didn't make since to me like, "There's one thing that I've learned in life.  Relationships come and go, but if you want you're friends to stay by you then you need to treat them better then this."  That made me think of two things, One: if that's your thought on relationships, you'll never be with someone for very long.  Don't get me wrong I don't think that you should just dump your friends once your in a relationship, but at the same time your friends can't come first either.  It's not like I just met the guy, we've been together for about a year now.  I'm living with him, it's not just some fling I'm having.  Two: If our friendship met that much to you would shut up and deal with the fact that I have a boyfriend now and that he's a big part of my life now.  If you want to hang out with me then you should be whiling to hang out with him too.  The other thing that he said to me that made me mad is that he was saying that I was being immature about it.  He's the one that was asking my to leave my boyfriend alone for 20 mins in a town that he doesn't know.  My only option there would be to leave him at my mom's and grandma's.  I can barely stand being there by myself little lone my boyfriend.  Beside, even though we do live together, we still barely see each other.  I'm going to school full time, plus working full time, he works full time, and has meetings to go to, not to mention the fact that my job is a graveyard sift so we work completely different hours, so even when we are home together one of us is normally asleep.  If I wasn't living with him, we would never see each other.  My friend is also the one who is calling me to yell at me over not e-mailing him back.  He can't even understand why I read his e-mail the way that I did.  I even had my boyfriend and grandma read it to make sure that I was right in reading it that way.  I know that this was kinda a long winded rant, but he just really pissed me off, and it makes me even madder because I kinda feel like I should apologize for some of it, but at the same time I don't really feel like I did anything wrong either.  If anyone has some advise I'd appreciate.

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So I just finished watching WrestleMania with my boyfriend. He loves the WWE and even types all of the episodes of RAW and SmackDown so that he can make sure he doesn’t miss one. One of my best friends sure to watch wrestling often back in high school , and would try to get me to watch it with her. I could never watch it. Like a lot of people I thought it was stupid. I thought “It’s fake, how can anyone like this?” Yet here I am years later watching the Super Bowl of wrestling, and I really enjoyed it. I even found myself routing for people, and when Jeff landed on top of Edge I was concerned. I kinda hate to admit it but I actually really like wrestling, and if you would have told me that I was going to back when my friend was trying to get me to watch it I would have never believed it. The only reason why I even started to watch wrestling was because my boyfriend would watch the episodes that he missed while I was working on my homework. Slowly I was finding myself starting to watch it myself. We know that it’s sat up, but it’s still fun to watch. It’s kinda like a like a soap opera with all of the drama that they have going on, but everyone just bets someone up when they get pissed of with someone else. It’s reminds me of when the hole team charges the field in baseball because of a wild pitch or something like that. Even though I’ve been watching wrestling for about 6 months now, I’m still a little surprised that I watched WrestleMania, and really enjoyed it. But I did and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen now. I guess it just goes to show that it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind about things.

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